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“Called” Christians

Was the name “Christian” given by God, or by man? Royce Frederick

Respectful Replies

We must be respectful to those we teach, but firmly stand for God's word and work. Royce Frederick

“Reverend” and “Father”

It is common to see religious leaders wearing such titles as “Reverend,” and “Father.” Is this practice in harmony with the teachings of the Bible? Royce Frederick

“Stand Still” and “Go Forward”

With patient endurance, we must press on. Royce Frederick

A Beauty that Never Fades

How all women can be beautiful Susie Frederick

A Few Thoughts About Hope

Hope J. L. Leifeste

A Fresh, New Start!

Importance of the "new birth" Ronnie Lowe

A Gift for a New Millennium

A gift more essential and enduring than any other gift the world was ever offered J. L. Leifeste

A Good Source of Nourishment

Doing the will of God nourishes your soul. Royce Frederick


The work of a preacher Roelf Ruffner

A Handicapped Christian

Serving God in spite of handicaps A. T. Quattlebaum, Jr.

A “Living Sacrifice”


We need to consider some of the sacrifices under the Law of Moses. That was God’s law for the nation of Israel, the Jews. When Jesus died on the cross, God cancelled the Law of Moses. Royce Frederick

A Prisoner By Choice

Is it possible that you have chosen to remain in bondage to a bad habit or sin? Royce Frederick

A Rainbow of Redemption!

God's plan for redeeming man, from eternity past to eternity future Royce Frederick

A Samaritan Woman’s Influence

Your influence will effect many people - for good or for bad. Susie Frederick

A Summary of Acts

A brief outline of the book of Acts Royce Frederick
A Summary of Exodus An outline of Exodus Royce Frederick

A Tale of Two Men

A comparison of the rich young ruler and Levi (Matthew) Ronnie Lowe

A Very Old Letter

A third-century Christian's view of the world Royce Frederick

A Wonder of the World

The temple of Diana is Ephesus was one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World"; the church (temple) of Christ is more wonderful. J. L. Leifeste

Adding & Subtracting

Adding and subtracting done by us and God Royce Frederick

An Old Schoolmaster

The law of Moses leads to Christ Royce Frederick

An Overview of the Bible

Divisions and chronology of the Bible Royce Frederick

Are All Men Born in Sin?

Do we inherit the sin of Adam? Roger Shiflet

Are You Thinking About Drinking?

The Christian and alcoholic beverages Royce Frederick

Attempting the Absurd

Following our feelings, or following God's revealed will J. L. Leifeste

“Attitude” and “Disposition”

The more often you have a good attitude, the more likely it will become part of your total disposition Royce Frederick

Babylon or Nineveh?

Fulfillment of prophecy proves the reliability of the Bible. Royce Frederick

Baptism with Fire

Just what is baptism with fire? Royce Frederick

Baptized Twice

Is it possible to be baptized twice? Royce Frederick

Baptized with the Holy Spirit

What is it, and why did it happen? Royce Frederick

Be Converted

The process of one turning from sin and self and turning to God. Ronnie Lowe


We will give an account of our behaviour to the Lord. J. L. Leifeste

Behold, to Obey Is Better

We should always choose God's way. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

Being in Submission

Submitting to our husbands does not brand us as lower-class citizens of God's kingdom. God's laws are always given to help us have better lives. Susie Frederick & Fleta Desselle


The town was already rich in history. But an event in the city of Rome, about 2240 kilometers (1400 miles) away, sent Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem at just the right time... Royce Frederick

Bible Miracles

The what, when, and why of miracles A. A. Meeks, Sr.

“Born Again”

What does it mean to be “born again”? Royce Frederick

Burdened Beyond Measure

God gives hope and help to those in despair. Royce Frederick

Buried Dynamite

Concealed wrongs have a way of lingering in a person’s conscience. If we delay in making things right, we only prolong our misery. Royce Frederick

Burning Anger

The fool fights back quickly and wildly. The wise man takes time to consider the matter. Royce Frederick

“Calling on the Name of the Lord”

The meaning of "calling on the name of the Lord" Royce Frederick
Can We Know Who Is Right and Who Is Wrong? Many people are teaching that we can never know who is right or who is wrong in religion. It is obvious, however, that everyone decides in his own mind that some are right and others are wrong religiously. Bobby Key


Every one of us, at some time in our lives, will experience one or both of these roles: care-giver and care-receiver. Susie Frederick
Causes of Suffering Should I blame God for my suffering? We cannot always know that God caused our suffering. In fact, we often know there were other causes: Royce Frederick


Does the fact that people have lived in caves support the theory of evolution? No. Mankind has found temporary and permanent refuge in caves throughout history. Royce Frederick

Christian Love

Love must be a part of Christianity. Any authentic relationship in Christ is built upon the simple foundation of a pure love. J. L. Leifeste

Compare the “Miracles”

Some people deny the miracles of the Bible. Others try to imitate the miracles to deceive people. Royce Frederick


If a prisoner living under the Roman government could find contentment in the first century, why do many of us fail to find contentment in the twentieth century? Royce Frederick

"Created in Christ Jesus for Good Works"

When a person is a Christian, he has some responsibilities placed upon him by the Lord who died to save him. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

Did False Testimony Kill Jesus?

His bold confession of His true identity brought the lawless wrath of the court down upon Jesus. Royce Frederick

Different Names for One Kingdom

The New Testament refers to the kingdom as the kingdom of God, the kingdom of Christ, and the kingdom of heaven. All of these are the same kingdom. Royce Frederick

Do Not Touch

His intentions were good, but disobeying God is a serious matter. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

Do We “Tithe” Today?

What kind of giving does God require today? Ronnie Lowe

Do We Trust God?

Will we trust God to care for us, even though our Christianity causes us to lose our source of income? Susie Frederick

Doing the Will of God

We can know what is right if we let the Bible be our guide. Mark Bird

Don’t Quit Now

Don't quit the race before the finish Royce Frederick


Will the Last Day be doom or delight for you? The choice is yours. Royce Frederick

Envy Invites Disaster

Envy destroys happiness, sometimes in subtle ways. Royce Frederick


There are at least five basic concepts pertaining to evangelism. Owen Cosgrove

 “Everlasting Covenant”

The term “everlasting covenant” reveals some important lessons about God’s relationship with man. Royce Frederick

Facing Rejection

Jesus' example shows us how to face rejection. Royce Frederick

Facts, Instructions, & Promises

God gives us Facts to Believe, Instructions to Believe and Obey, and Promises to Believe and Receive. Royce Frederick


The Bible's use of "faith" A. A. Meeks, Sr.

False Teachers

How do we recognize a false teacher or a false teaching? J. L. Leifeste
Fear Not Death The temporal body is cast aside as a worn-out garment, while the real person lives on through eternity. Ronnie Lowe

Finding Jesus

We always try to find those things that we consider precious to us. J. L. Leifeste

First in Antioch

What was the name given to the disciples of Christ after the church was begun? J. L. Leifeste

Foreknowing Your Future

When you make plans, keep God in mind! Royce Frederick

From Eternity — by Way of Bethlehem

Christ's birth fulfilled the prophecy of Micah. Royce Frederick

Give Yourself Some Mercy

A merciful, happy attitude can help us enjoy better health in body and soul. Royce Frederick


Responding to the Lord's commands to "GO" Royce Frederick
God Favors the Faithful We can enjoy the blessings and favor of God, but only by being faithful to His commands. Ronnie Lowe

God’s Blessings and Approval

God's blessings prove His goodness, not my goodness. Royce Frederick

God’s Great Messages

The spoken word possesses great power. Ronnie Lowe

Grapes from Wheat Seeds?

The word of God, planted in good and honest hearts, always produces Christians. Royce Frederick


It is normal and expected that we grieve because we will see a loved one no more in this world. Susie Frederick

He Called His Name “Jesus”

The name was fairly common, but the Son of God received it in a very uncommon manner. Royce Frederick
Hearts of Stone “Hearts of stone” became “hearts of flesh” when they heard Peter's words. Joyce Ford

His Courage

Jesus exhibited courage far surpassing all that we could imagine. J. L. Leifeste

Honest Labor

The Lord tells us we should work to earn the things we need for our families and to help other people. Royce Frederick

Honesty Pays

Lives, both ours and others, can be destroyed through a lack of honesty. Ronnie Lowe

Honoring the Name of Christ

Followers of men use religious names which they have chosen, but followers of Christ merely wear His name. Royce Frederick

How Christ Reveals His Will

The will of Christ is revealed in several ways in the New Testament. Royce Frederick

How to Be the Church of Christ

What must we do to truly be Christians and truly be the church of Christ? Royce Frederick

How to Become a Christian

Unless the guilt of a man’s sins is removed while he is living on earth, his soul will suffer eternal punishment-- agony and separation from God forever. Royce Frederick

How to Live with God Forever!

You can choose to remain separated from God, or you can allow the death of Jesus Christ to be applied to your sins. Royce Frederick

How to Remain Faithful

As God is faithful, He expects us to likewise be faithful. Ronnie Lowe

How to Worship God

We need to be sure that our worship is acceptable and pleasing to Him, not merely pleasing to us. Royce Frederick

Hypocrites in the Church

The choices are clear: we can worship with some hypocrites for a short time, or wail with all of them forever. Royce Frederick

"I Said to Myself"

Naaman's healing: We should obey God, regardless of what our own opinion or idea may be. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

If Dirt Could Talk

What is your "heart condition?" Owen Cosgrove

Improvement of the Mind

How do we improve our mind? Study and exercise! J. L. Leifeste

In the World, but not Of the World

There was a strange man named Simeon who lived from A.D. 386 to 459. He lived on top of a column sixty feet high for thirty-six years. Royce Frederick

Is it an APPEAL or an ANSWER?

“the answer” (King James Version) “the answer” (New King James Version) “the interrogation” (American Standard Version) “an appeal” (New American Standard Version) “an appeal” (Revised Standard Version) “the earnest seeking” (Berke Royce Frederick

Is It Enough?

We must do the things which are righteous in order to please God. But righteous deeds cannot save us from our sins. Susie Frederick

Jesus Christ, Author and Finisher

Most things are best when they have both a start and a finish. J. L. Leifeste

Jesus Christ, High Priest

His priesthood encompasses all things to complete God’s plan. Jesus Christ is the true High Priest. J. L. Leifeste

Jesus Christ, the Compassionate

As the Son of God, and as God personified, we see Jesus as the most compassionate human who ever lived. J. L. Leifeste

Jesus: Head or Figurehead?

Is Jesus truly the head of the church you attend, or only a figurehead? Royce Frederick

Jews and Gentiles in God’s Plan

Although Israel was God’s chosen nation, He foretold of blessings for people of all nations. Royce Frederick

Joseph — Husband of Mary

Like Joseph, may our decisions demonstrate righteousness, mercy, and obedience to God’s word. Royce Frederick

King Manasseh

Manasseh reigned fifty-five years in Jerusalem. Most of those years were filled with great wickedness. Royce Frederick

Know the Word

The Bible is God’s word. Therefore, to do as He wants, we must know the Bible. J. L. Leifeste
Knowing God The Bible says you can know God. Not only can you know Him, but you can be assured that you know Him. Mark Bird

Can Ladies be Preachers?

Should a lady (a woman) be called a "preacher"? Royce Frederick

Left for Dead

Do we give up on our brothers too readily? Owen Cosgrove

Lessons from a Transplant

An organ transplant is similar to salvation in some interesting ways. Royce Frederick

Life’s Most Important Choice

The blessings are great if we make the right choice. Susie Frederick

Light of the World

A Christian's light should shine in the world. J. L. Leifeste
Little by Little Sin invades gradually, little by little Hardeman Nichols

Lydia — a Good Example

Things we can learn from Lydia Susie Frederick

Lydia and the King

Lydia never met Nebuchadnezzar. He died 500 years before she was born. They were very different, yet there is a great similarity in one event in the life of each. Royce Frederick

Lydia Became a “Beggar”

After her conversion, Lydia "begged" to help the preachers Royce Frederick

Mary, Mother of Jesus

The facts about Mary, the mother of Jesus, from the Bible. We must never exalt any man, woman, or thing, above Christ. Royce Frederick

“Melody in Your Heart”

The thoughts of your heart are important in making God-approved music in worship J. L. Leifeste
Mirrors When you notice that something is not as it should be, do you make a correction, or do you simply walk away and forget about the problem? Susie Frederick

"Missing Links" — Java Man

As G. K. Chesterton put it, “Most evolutionists seem to know everything about the missing link, except the fact that it is missing.” Royce Frederick

Names for the Followers of Christ

If we are serious about wanting to follow Christ, we must put away all man-made religious names and simply become “Christians”. Royce Frederick

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

The image represented four kingdoms of men. Royce Frederick


God has some very important new things for us Royce Frederick

New Testament Summary in Three Verses

Matthew 28:18-20 summarizes the message of the New Testament, and the Christian's responsibility. Royce Frederick

No Other Name

The name of Jesus Christ is important to our salvation. Royce Frederick

Noah's Ark

If we really believe God like Noah did, we will obey God like Noah did. A. A. Meeks, Sr.


Are my offerings to God pure and good? J. L. Leifeste

One Life on Earth

The life you are now living is the only time you will have on this planet. Royce Frederick

Overcoming Temptation

Temptation to sin is a snare from Satan and a danger to the soul of each of us. J. L. Leifeste

Package Words

Any word which normally describes only a part, becomes a “package word” when it is used to refer to the whole. Royce Frederick

Patience of Hope”

How do we confront temptations and persecutions with assurance of our own victories and the Lord's acceptance? J. L. Leifeste

Perfect and Weak?

How could God's law for the Jews be both perfect and weak? Royce Frederick

Pharaoh's Fear of Failure

Pharaoh’s fear of failure led to his failure Royce Frederick

Pilgrims in this World

We can view this life on earth as a pilgrimage of a spiritual nature. J. L. Leifeste

Pouring, Sprinkling, or Immersion?

In the Greek language in which the New Testament was written, “baptizo” meant “immerse, dip, plunge.” It still does. Royce Frederick

Power in Faith

True faith in God benefits our physical health, as well as our spiritual health. Medical studies agree. J. L. Leifeste

Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer is both requirement and privilege. J. L. Leifeste

Properly Handling the Word of Truth

The Bible is a very special book because it is the inspired word of God. We should know how to properly apply it to our lives. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

Questions about Instruments

What kind of music does Jesus want Christians to use in worship? Royce Frederick

Reactions to His Miracles

Great multitudes of people witnessed Jesus' miracles. Some believed and followed. Others did not. J. L. Leifeste

Romans 12

A brief outline of Romans chapter 12 Royce Frederick
Ruts in Life We need to be sure that the rut we are in will lead us to the desired destination. Ronnie Lowe

Salt of the Earth

As "salt of the earth", Christians are good for the world. J. L. Leifeste

Samaritans Obey the Gospel

When the gospel was preached in Samaria, the people obeyed. Royce Frederick

Sarah’s Faith

God kept His promise to Sarah because of her faith; God will keep His promise to us if we have true faith. Susie Frederick
Saved by "Faith Only"? The doctrine of “faith only” is taught in many creed books, magazines, and pamphlets — but not in the Bible. Royce Frederick

"Service" or "Worship"?

A word study Royce Frederick

Simon Says

The impulsive apostle Simon Peter had much to learn from Christ. Royce Frederick

Simon the Sorcerer

A sorcerer is converted in Samaria. Royce Frederick

Speaking in Tongues

What is "speaking in tongues", and what was the purpose? Royce Frederick

“Stand Fast in the Lord”

To stand fast is to endure. To endure is to reign with Christ J. L. Leifeste

Standing With the Apostles

Stand for the truth. Royce Frederick

Talk to the Rock

Nothing else is as good as what God commands. A. A. Meeks, Sr.
Tell Us About Your God It was Paul’s task to introduce the invisible, true God. Royce Frederick
Ten Shillings for One Word What did Rudyard Kipling say about gratitude? Royce Frederick

That Strange Fire

God told them the fire He wanted. When they used something else, God showed His displeasure. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

The Blood Flows Both Ways

The death of Christ on the cross offers salvation to all - both before and after His death. Royce Frederick
The Deity of Christ All that I do as a Christian is meaningless without Jesus being the Christ, the Son of God. Ronnie Lowe

The Church in Their House

The church does not have to own a "church building". The early church met in homes, like Priscilla & Aquila's. It still does in some places. Royce Frederick

The Eternal Kingdom PLACE

“Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matt. 25:34)! Royce Frederick

The Eternal Purpose

What was God's eternal purpose for creating mankind, and what is His plan for us? J. L. Leifeste
The Faith and Bones of Joseph Joseph believed God’s promises! Royce Frederick

The Finished Revelation

Do we have all the will of God revealed to us? Royce Frederick
The Grace of Golgotha The agony of the cross revealed Jesus' true character and grace. Royce Frederick

The Great Commission

The Great Commission is a call to action. J. L. Leifeste

The Greater Riches

What kind of riches are most important to you? J. L. Leifeste
The Happy Commandment God loves a cheerful giver Royce Frederick
The Greatest Book This book has done more to change the world than any other book. Ronnie Lowe

The High Cost of Pharaoh's Pride

There is a high price to pay for pride. Don't delay your obedience! Royce Frederick
The Humility of Apollos If God wrote your life’s story, what would it say? Susie Frederick

The Influence of a Slave

The influence of an Israelite slave girl brought about the healing of her master. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

The Kingdom — Now or Later?

All who obey the gospel are kingdom people. All who remain faithful will enter the kingdom place after this life is over. Royce Frederick

The Kingdom on the Day of Judgment

Great joy awaits faithful Christians. Royce Frederick

The Lamb of God

Jesus was the perfect sacrificial lamb. Royce Frederick

The Marvelous Providence of God!

Two "kinds" of Providence Royce Frederick

The Prayers of Jesus

Jesus prayed about all the important things in life. Royce Frederick
The Privilege of Prayer When our lives get out of tune, we must retreat into the quietness of God. Ronnie Lowe
The Providence of God The example of Jochebed teaches women of today to trust in God’s providence. Susie Frederick
The Reading of the Will The "will" of Christ went into effect at His death. Royce Frederick

The Resurrection "Cover-up Story"

Religious leaders tried to explain the empty grave of Jesus by lies. Royce Frederick
The Resurrection of Jesus That Jesus Christ died, was buried, and arose again from the dead on the third day is one of the most incredible claims ever made. Roger Shiflet

The Samaritans

A brief history of the Samaritan people J. L. Leifeste
The Spirit, The Power, The Kingdom The kingdom came with power when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles (Acts 2). Royce Frederick

The Two Covenants

What are the differences between the old and new covenants? Royce Frederick

The Unknown God”

No one can deny that the world exists, but where did it come from? Ronnie Lowe

The Woman Worthy of Praise

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised” (Proverbs 31:30). Susie Frederick

The Wrong Place

We must go to the right "place" to find a cure for the sickness of sin. A. A. Meeks, Sr.

Thessalonica — Upside Down

Many religions were practiced in Thessalonica, but they needed the true one. J. L. Leifeste

Three Crosses at Calvary

Jesus and the two thieves on Calvary - which attitude do you display? Royce Frederick

Three Ingredients for Unity

Jesus prayed earnestly for unity among His followers. Shouldn't it be important to us? Royce Frederick

Three Kinds of Unity

For the church of the Lord to be successful in its mission, the members must live in unity. Owen Cosgrove

Three Names for One Group of Men

In the New Testament, we find the three terms “elders,” “bishops,” and “pastors.” All of these terms refer to the same group of men in the local church, but each term describes them from a different viewpoint. Royce Frederick

Three Sixteen

Chapter 3, verse 16 John: love of God 1 John: love of Jesus Revelation: love of Christians 1 Corinthians: temple of God Royce Frederick
Thunder The thunder of God's word warns us. J. L. Leifeste

To Do You Good

God’s goodness proves His love toward us, not our love toward Him. Royce Frederick

To Each of Us

Regardless of when or where people live, everyone faces trouble. J. L. Leifeste

To Whom Do You Listen?

Is it safe to trust the words of men? A. A. Meeks, Sr.

Transformed into the Image of Christ

May we all be humble, obedient servants of God. For in this way we are transformed into the image of Christ. Roger Shiflet

Two Commandments

Jesus gives the two greatest commandments from the Law of Moses. J. L. Leifeste

Two Hours

What are the differences between the two "hours" mentioned in John 5:25-59? Royce Frederick

Two Gates — Two Ways

Which gate have you passed through? Which way do you travel? J. L. Leifeste

A “Unity”  Which Divides

Some sincere efforts to promote unity produce division instead. Royce Frederick

Use Your Talents

The human body has many parts, and each part has an important function. The same is true of the church. Susie Frederick

Wait on the Lord

God knows what is best, and when it is best to happen. Susie Frederick

What Conversion Does

As a new Christian I now live for a new Master. No longer do I serve just myself; I must now live for God. Ronnie Lowe

What If...?

What if God blessed us according to our behavior? Ronnie Lowe

What is a Pastor?

Do you use the term “Pastor” without really understanding what it means in the New Testament? Royce Frederick

What Philip Saw in Jesus

What did Philip see in Jesus that drew him to Him? Royce Frederick

What Prayer Means to Me

I can be confident that if I pray that His will be done, God will bless me with the best answer to my prayer. Susie Frederick

What Shall We Call the Church?

The New Testament refers to it with several different terms. Royce Frederick

What Should We Call the Church?

When local churches truly follow CHRIST, they are rightly called churches of Christ (Rom. 16:16). Royce Frederick

What Will People Say?

How do you want to be remembered after you pass from this life? Susie Frederick
What Will You Inherit? The scriptures tell us about our inheritance. Royce Frederick
When Did God Set Up the Kingdom? God planned his kingdom from eternity, but began it on the day of Pentecost. Royce Frederick

When We “Work Out” God “Works In”

He helps us do the things which please Him and bless us now and forever! Royce Frederick

Where Are You Going?

You came from God. Are you returning to Him? Royce Frederick

Where Could I Go?

A poem of praise and acknowledgement Owen Cosgrove
Where Do You Live? If we are in Christ and continue serving Him, He helps us live joyfully each day (Phil. 4:4-7). Royce Frederick

Where Was Saul when He Was Saved?

Was Saul saved at the moment Jesus appeared to him? Royce Frederick

Who Am I?

The important question is, “Whose am I?” Royce Frederick

Who Loves More

When we love, we will do even the difficult things to help our loved ones. Royce Frederick

Who Teaches “Faith Only”?

Not Jesus. Not James. Not Peter. Not Paul. Royce Frederick

“Who Was I that I Could Withstand God?” 

If I truly believe and obey, I can trust in God to work in my life to His glory! Susie Frederick
Whose Thousand -Year Reign? The Bible mentions a 1000-year reign. But whose reign is it? Royce Frederick

With Every Meal

When we eat our meals, let us remember that we are eating things “which God created to be received with thanksgiving” (1 Tim. 4:3). Royce Frederick

Working Faith

Though faith is essential to a person’s salvation, faith alone is not enough. Ronnie Lowe

You Are Important to God

Each individual Christian is an important part of God's church. Susie Frederick

You Can Teach!

We should not wait until we believe that everything is exactly right before we begin to teach. Susie Frederick

Your Greatest Test

What is your greatest temptation? It is also your greatest test. Royce Frederick

Good News about Predestination!

Part 1 of 3 -- The first of a three-part study of Predestination. Royce Frederick

Good News about Predestination!

Part 2 of 3 -- The second of a three-part study of Predestination. Royce Frederick

Good News about Predestination!

Part 3 of 3 -- The third of a three-part study of Predestination. Royce Frederick

Jesus and Thomas — Too Good to be True?

Examining the slow faith of the apostles — especially Thomas — when they began hearing news they thought was "too good to be true." Susie Frederick

Keeping His Word

One of the most precious gifts God has ever given us is His word. J. L. Leifeste

Does Psalm 51:5 say Babies are Born Guilty?

Does David teach that all babies are born guilty of sin? Does he teach that he inherited the sin of Adam — was born with the guilt of Adam's sin? These questions relate to some false teachings called "original sin" and "hereditary depravity." Royce Frederick

IGT issue M3002

M3002 Articles: Jesus and Thomas — Too Good to be True? (Susie Frederick); Keeping His Word (J. L. Leifeste); Does Psalm 51:5 Say Babies are Born Guilty? (Royce Frederick); EXTRA PAGES: An Overview of the Bible (R. F.); Yosemite Falls & Rev. 22:17. Royce Frederick, editor

They Saw the Risen Jesus!

After His death, many witnesses saw Jesus alive again during the forty days before He returned to heaven. Royce Frederick

Like Flowers in a Garden

Eternal Life -- Considering the question, "If a person can lose eternal life, was it really eternal?" An illustration using flowers. Royce Frederick

Why I Believe Jesus is the Son of God

Evidence that Jesus is the Son of God. Royce Frederick

A Friend of Sinners

Critics were trying to insult Jesus by calling Him a friend of sinners, but it was actually a compliment! Royce Frederick

A Suggested Process for Selecting and Appointing Elders

The Bible does not tell us exactly how to select elders or deacons. Here is one suggested process for selecting elders and for appointing them to serve as elders of the local church. Royce Frederick