By Royce Frederick

Did cavemen really exist? Yes. Evidence of cave dwellers has been found throughout the world.

Does the fact that people have lived in caves support the theory of evolution? No. Mankind has found temporary and permanent refuge in caves throughout history. For example, caves were used as dwellings by Lot (Gen. 19:30) and by some of the Israelites (Judges. 6:2). In recent years, isolated tribes of cave dwellers have been found in the Philippine Islands. It has also been reported that there are people living in caves in northern Mexico today.

When evidence of ancient cave dwellers is found, evolutionists sometimes try to convince us that the inhabitants were not fully developed humans like modern man. But some of the ancient cave dwellers were highly skilled artists, able to prepare paints and make drawings which have been preserved on cave walls for many centuries. That fact argues strongly against the theory that the cave dwellers were inferior to us.

Evolutionists tell us that “early man” began communicating with a variety of grunts and growls before spoken languages developed. But scientists have no way of verifying those claims. The shapes of the jawbones of ancient skulls do not reveal the degree of speaking ability. Parrots, minas, and other birds do not have a human-shaped mouth, yet some of them can mimic words like “Good morning” and many other words — even entire songs.

Evolutionists sometimes claim that the size of the brain indicates the amount of evolution which has occurred. However, many of the old skull fragments reveal that the ancient people had brains which were as large, and sometimes larger, than the brain size of some present-day men. Also, evolutionists seem to ignore the fact that merchants today sell a wide range of hat sizes.

The Bible says that God created the first man and woman on the sixth day of creation (Gen. 1:26-27). They were immediately able to understand and speak a language (Gen. 2:16-17, 19, 23). Their sons cultivated crops and cared for livestock (Gen. 4:2).

A person cannot believe the Bible and believe that mankind evolved from a lower form of life. In His Bible, God clearly tells us that He created the first man and woman fully grown. Our human existence is not an accident of nature. We are not merely a bundle of molecules which fell into a complex pattern by chance. We are unique creatures, made in the likeness of God, designed for the purpose of glorifying God, with the potential of living with Him forever.