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The Marvelous Providence of God! A study of the many ways God provides blessings for us. Publication T3002. Download PDF File
Baptism A study of the word "baptize" and the purpose of baptism. Download PDF File
Good News About Predestination! A study of Bible Predestination and how it contrasts with the teachings of Calvin's Predestination. LETTER SIZE format and BOOKLET format in ONE PDF file. Download PDF File
PHOTO of Yosemite Falls with Rev. 22:17 Photo of Yosemite Falls, California, U.S.A. with part of Rev. 22:17. Download PDF File
IGT issue M3002 with - Overview of Bible - Yosemite photo M3002 Articles: Jesus and Thomas — Too Good to be True? (Susie Frederick); Keeping His Word (J. L. Leifeste); Does Psalm 51:5 Say Babies are Born Guilty? (Royce Frederick); EXTRA PAGES: An Overview of the Bible (R. F.); Yosemite Falls & Rev. 22:17. Download PDF File
Like Flowers in a Garden Eternal Life -- Considering the question, "If a person can lose eternal life, was it really eternal?" Download PDF File
Why I Believe Jesus is the Son of God Two formats: (1) for Phone or Tablet. (2) for Printing as a Tract. Evidence that Jesus is the Son of God. Download PDF File