Romans 12

By Royce Frederick

The THEME of Romans is: “the just [righteous] shall live by faith” (1:17). Faith leads us to salvation in Christ, and faith keeps us serving Christ.

Romans 12 is the beautiful, powerful beginning of a section (12:1-15:13) of Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome in which he gives instructions about how to live as a faithful servant of Christ.

An OVERVIEW of Romans 12:

The BASIS for Faithful Living (12:1-2), and

The NATURE of Faithful Living (12:3-21).

A good way to OUTLINE Romans 12:

Because of God’s mercies, we owe Him a life which is —

Sacrificial (12:1),

Transformed (12:2),

Humble (12:3-5),

Earnest (12:6-8), and

Loving (12:9-21).

For a better life of faithful service, read and meditate on Romans 12!