Where Could I Go?

By Owen Cosgrove

            John 6:66-71; Psalm 23


      Where could I go without Thee, dear Lord;

How could I know of life’s way;

      What light in life is there without Thy Word;

Where could my spirit stay?


      Who beside Thee has the sweet words of life;

Who else could make my soul free;

      Where could I flee from earth’s sorrow and strife;

Oh, how could I live without Thee?


      Who Lord but Thee makes my cup overflow;

Who brings that sweet spirit within;

      Who sets His great feast in the face of my foe;

Who cleanses my soul from all sin?


      Oh Lord, help me never to leave Thy pure ways

Or turn from Thy glory above.

      May I in truth’s path labor all of my days,

And join Thee in Heaven above.


      In Jesus’ name. Amen.

                                             — Owen Cosgrove