Ruts in Life

By Ronnie Lowe

When it rains, you may find yourself traveling down some back country road in “ruts” that are several inches deep. How did these ruts get there? Were they not left by other travelers who preceded you?

It seems that no matter how hard we try to stay out of the ruts, we invariably fall in. In life, we have the same problem. No matter how hard we try, we often fall into a “rut” of one kind or another. Perhaps we have stopped studying as we should, or maybe we have begun to forsake the assemblies. Once we get in a bad rut, whether one on a muddy road or in life, it is difficult to work our way out. On some roads we often must wait till the rut ends in order to escape. But on the road of life we must make the rut end and begin living the way God instructs us. With the help of God and diligence on our part, this can be done.

Sometimes the only way to travel down some roads is to get in a good rut and stay in it till we get to the end of the road. Christ has left us with a path to follow, and we must stay in it to arrive at our destination safe and secure (1 Peter 2:21). Sometimes that path may seem to be heading in a direction we do not want to travel. It will lead us over high mountains and through deep valleys, but if we remain in the path, there will be a great reward awaiting us at the end of our journey.

We all get in a rut from time to time. We need to be sure that the rut we are in will lead us to the desired destination. What a shame it would be to follow a path all our life, only to arrive at the wrong destination. God’s path is clearly marked in His written word, the Bible. Let us therefore diligently follow that path all the days of our life and enjoy the reward at the conclusion of our journey.