Lydia — a Good Example

By Susie Frederick

In the sixteenth chapter of the book of Acts, we read about a woman named Lydia. Let us learn three things from her example.

Lydia was a very religious woman. Even though Lydia was not in her home city, Thyatira, she was found in a place where people usually gathered for prayer. Paul and his companions found her, along with some other women, at the riverside worshipping (verse 13). When Paul preached to the women there, Lydia gave her attention to the things he spoke. Paul’s message convinced Lydia that, although she was already religious, she was not fully pleasing God.

Because Lydia had a receptive heart, she was able to accept the things spoken by Paul, and was baptized (verses 14 and 15). She did not say, “I am satisfied with my religion, and God can accept me the way I am.” Instead, she conformed to God’s plan.

Immediately after her baptism, Lydia gave us another reason to call her a good example. She insisted on showing hospitality to Paul and the others traveling with him (verse 15). We, as Christians, are commanded to be “given to hospitality” (Romans 12:13). We should look for opportunities to share the things God has given us to use.

Let us follow the good example of Lydia by being religious-minded, obedient, and hospitable.