Left for Dead

By Owen Cosgrove

His body lay crumpled on life’s battle plain

Where many had fought and bled.

It was taken by buddies and carelessly lain

With others presumed to be dead.

Dirty and helpless and hapless he lay

A victim of warfare and strife,

Unable to move and unable to pray

And with only a whisper of life.


A friend happened by who had known him for years,

And his features he scarcely could see.

But amidst all the battlefield’s anguish and fears

He tenderly pulled the man free.

And he listened intently for any faint breath

And a very faint pulse soon was heeded,

And quickly he took that one so gripped by death

And got him the help that he needed.


How often in life do we forsake a soul

Overtaken by Satan and sin,

When with loving effort that one could be whole

And faithful to Jesus again.

Oh help us our brothers a watchcare to keep

When they’re battered and hungry and cold;

Lord, help us to seek them as Thy precious sheep

And bring them back home to Thy fold.