Lydia Became a “Beggar”

By Royce Frederick

After Lydia was baptized, “...she begged us, saying, ‘If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come to my house and stay.’ So she persuaded us” (Acts 16:15). She was begging to give! She invited Paul, Silas, Timothy, and Luke to stay at her house. Why? Can you imagine how much food four preachers could eat? Perhaps she was thinking of —

The joy of hospitality. We should be given to hospitality” (Rom. 12:13; see Heb. 13:1-2).

The opportunity to learn more. She could learn so much from four preachers staying in her home! “Tell me more about Jesus and His church. Tell me more about how to worship God and how to live.”

Her reward in heaven. When God’s people provide even “a cup of cold water” for His workers, it will be rewarded (Matt. 10:42; see Gal. 6:6-10).

The growth of the church. How encouraging it is to be surrounded by many who share a common faith — to partake of the Lord’s supper, sing, study, and pray together. If she helped these men stay and preach, the church could grow. It did! (See Acts 16:25-34.) They even grew enough to appoint men as their bishops (elders) and deacons (Phil. 1:1)!